Semi-submersible platform

Aquila Forensics were involved in the successful conclusion of negotiations between the Contractor and Owner on a large semi-submersible oil and gas production platform.

Requirements involved providing detailed analysis necessary to enable the parties to reach agreement and the forensic interrogation of claims in excess of US$100mn.

The project, at 52,000t, is one of the biggest of its kind worldwide

With the platform requiring specialist design, construction and transportation techniques to cope with its sheer scale, Aquila were required to have specialist knowledge of similar projects prior to engagement.
Aquila professionals were engaged in the assessment of quantum relating to various contended heads of liability, enabling the parties to successfully conclude negotiations and avoid costly and lengthy arbitral proceedings.
The project consisted of a semi-submersible unit with a per day capacity for processing 180,000 barrels of oil, compressing 6,000,000 mof natural gas and injecting 290,000 barrels of water. Weighing 52,000 tons and with an area of 10,000 m2, the semi-submersible is one of the biggest of its kind worldwide.
As construction work generated 5,000 direct and 15,000 indirect jobs, Aquila were required to evaluate and quantify detailed labour and management costs associated with the project.

The platform deck alone weighed 17,000t and was required to be hoisted 40m into the air